Shipping Options

SELLERS - The BID-HQ team is working on finding you cheaper shipping options... Stay tuned...  

In the meantime, AustPost is the way to go...

Please always check shipping rates prior to listing, so that you can list accurate fees.  Once your item is bought, retraction of the sale is not possible if you made an error.

Costs can easily cut into your profits, so always check upfront so that you and the buyer are happy. Unhappy customers, unhappy life...

It's good to compare Shipping options, for example:




Note that buying a minimum quantity of satchels upfront, can save you a few dollars off each national send. If you send larger quantities, it's well worth your while...


Check out some  local transporters too... Often they can beat the regular prices of the established

Adelaidians - try Odd Job Bob, call for a quote -  0408 838 875


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