2. Australian government Austrac Sanctions information (countries and individuals)



We reserve the right to limit goods to be sold on our site: Bid-HQ

Please familiarise yourself with this list. And, please ensure you are familiar with laws relating to

your goods….. Feel free to contact BID-HQ if you have any questions on:

If you list goods that are unsafe, illegal or a banned item, we will ask you to remove it. Alternatively,

we reserve the right to remove your ad/s.

• Adult-only, Adult entertainment, Pornography, Enhancing drugs, Sex toys

• Alcohol

• Animals; (allowed) Live animals pickup only, cannot be posted or couriered or flown or

sent by ship or train under any circumstances. Animal parts, Animal Trapping Devices,

Banned animals

• Bednest Cribs

• Blocked phones or no-signal phones with no signal

• Body parts & organs

• Bombs or any parts to make up bombs, including books, training or information on how

to make bombs

• Bongs and water pipes

• Botox

• Bulk emails (spam), Internet Protocol (IP), instant messenger (IM), or mailing lists that

contain names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal info or tools and software

designed to send spam

• Capital bonds, all other bonds

• Cigarettes and related products, cigars and loose tobacco, Electronic cigarette liquids (E-

cigarettes are acceptable)

• Contact lenses due to requiring prescriptions

• Copied, fake, replica, unlicensed, unauthorised or trademark / brand items, art,

documents, media products. Any copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up,

bootlegged etc. Pirated materials and products. Copyrighted or trademark materials

(images & texts). Counterfeit Designer Items (replicas or imitation of designer products).

Fake Documents.

• Coupons and vouchers (unless the item is a collectable item)

• Currency Exchanges

• Drugs and drug paraphernalia – prescription, over the counter and illegal either for

yourself or to assist others in acquiring drugs

• Falsified orders to create or generate false feedback. All orders must be placed by the

actual buyer only

• Firearms and ammunition of any kind, Arms Dealing, Hunting equipment, Paintball

paraphernalia (only goggles and gloves are allowed), stun guns, bb guns, pellet guns,

blowguns, dart guns and illegal knives, firearm parts, stun gun parts, bb gun parts, and

pellet gun parts.

• Fireworks

• Flammable goods

• Free items and items with prices that are not "real"

• Fuels

• Fully loaded Kodi, Android and Amazon boxes

• Game consoles, copied games, DVDs and computer software, R4 cards

• Gas Meter Seals

• Hate information, classifieds, ads, statements, products, organisations of any kind or

recruitment and incitement of hate. Nazi memorabilia, SS uniforms, portraits of Hitler,

anything with the Nazi swastika or Nazi propaganda

• Human parts, remains or services, virginity, organs, blood, bone and waste, sperm and

eggs, Donor, Surrogacy and Fertility services, used pregnancy tests

• Illegal Goods and Services

• Items that are not for sale

• Items made from wild or exotic animal skins (even if farm raised) and taxidermy items of

wild or exotic animals; including, but not limited to any animal endangered or

threatened under the AUSTRALIAN, UK, US or any other country’s Endangered Species


• Lottery tickets or coupons

• Listings for upgrades to another product

• Meaningless title & description

• Miscategorisation - all items must be listed in an appropriate category

• Multiple listings of the same item are not allowed. Listing items in lots with a different

price per item in lots is not allowed. Each item should be listed only once.

• Mod chips, mod chips accessories or other devices designed to circumvent copyright


• Parking permits

• Personal information or mailing lists. Personal Information about another individual

• Pre-order items

• Prescription drugs and products that require a prescription

• Prostitution

• Recalls, warnings – all or any items

• Security tag removal items

• Signal jammers or products that descramble cable and satellite signals

• Stolen goods

• Supplements. Supplements, drugs, and items where the TGA, FDA or any other country’s

equivalent agency has issued a warning or recall

• Test items

• The same or very similar content several times (even in different categories or related


• Tobacco, cigars for smoking, e-cigarettes, cartridges for e-cigarettes, e-liquid, other

smoking-cessation devices, vaporizers and diffusers used for any type of smoking or oral

inhalation, any smoking device or smoking related item (unless the item is a collectible

item only)

• Train, coach and bus tickets

• Unlocked hardware

• Unlocking software

• Used underwear

• Virtual items merchandise and products, E-tickets, Domain names, Online accounts, FIFA


• Votes

• Weapons and knives, Chef and kitchen knives, Crossbows and archery sets, Historical

and ornamental weapons (Bayonets, Samurai swords). Cutlery knives as part of a cutlery

set are acceptable

2. Australian government Austrac Sanctions information (countries and individuals)


International Sellers please see:


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